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The main objective of the RPA is to let the human resources, that are the most precious, spend their time in the tasks and jobs that no other person can do, such as the planning, design process, improving process, development, client facing and so on and so forth.

Many process nowadays in different business areas, such as the call center, credit department, accounts payable, entails many screens from various applications, long time and repetitive work and this is the case in almost all the enterprises having automation.

By implementing the RPA based on BluePrism technology, STC provides the solutions that brings to the clients lower cost, better utilization of resources, enhanced accuracy and faster response.

STC as BluePrism partner posses the right calibers of business process analysts, solution architects and developers who are certified in BluePrism technology and have business experience.

STC provides the turnkey solution starting form identifying the processes hand in hand with the client, and therefore determine the process that will be enhanced and those that will need Robots and design of RPA to automate.

STC provide POC’s and Pilots and our professional team are supporting till the RPA is on production and also provide a methodological knowledge transfer to the client.