About Us

Our Vision

We see a world where businesses will have by the minute access to critical data, application, analytical tools and streamlined processes across procurement, manufacturing, service, sales, finance, and HR..

We aim to bring the most innovative, full portfolio IT solutions to the market and become a thought leader in a new era of responsible, sustainable and progressive commerce. STC services is focused on delivering SAP Solutions with a professional team that Work-as-One – from concept to delivery and maintenance life-cycle to help increase the profitability of your business and achieve new levels of control.
Why You Should Choose Us


We are passionate people, driven by a vision – to deliver excellence in everything we do. We are committed to our clients’ businesses and to the development of our own people. And we believe that teamwork is the key to results. In addition, we place great emphasis on stewardship. Our partners’ aim is to develop and guide our talented people over the long term so that we build a better company for the future


Our ambition is to deliver the highest levels of service through high performance, continuous improvement and outstanding efficiency. We lead by example to achieve our goals and we work hard to exceed our clients’ expectations.


We are enthusiastic about what we do and who we are. We are dedicated to the success of our clients and the people within our company. We work hard to ensure we perform at the highest levels, always seeking to become better at what we do.


We believe that Teaming leads to greater results. We share knowledge, tools and resources across individual, cultural and organizational barriers to get the best possible outcomes for our company, our clients and our people. We help others to succeed and celebrate both individual and team accomplishments.


We are deeply dedicated to the long-term development and success of our own people and our clients. We are committed to delivering measurable value and results.


We are responsible of taking good care of our people and our company, making sure they grow and develop over the long term. We promote a culture of empowerment where experience, sharing, training and development are priorities. We are dedicated to helping our people to be successful and to making the company an even better place to work in the future.