IT Solutions

The use of integrated enterprise planning solutions, so-called ERP systems which enable companies from a business perspective in a different league. How do we define it?

ERP, ie Enterprise Resource Planning, is the entrepreneurial task, all inherent translated resources, ie resources, capital and staff to schedule so that these are used efficiently in the flow and business processes are optimally controlled. So we see it as the tool of management its main goal, the management, organization and control of business processes and the optimum use of all enterprise resources to be able to fulfill.

SAP Business By Design and SAP Business All in One

Both SAP platforms, SAP Business All as an On Demand solution offer as One-premise solution, SAP Business ByDesign for all different requirements, the optimal performance. This also optionally in combination with each other, if for example subsidiaries with different business models in different locations to be useful part of an overall ERP.

STC Services – people with experience

Members of the team of STC Services non with many years of experience with ERP systems and can bring this to the benefit of our customers, whether. In counseling or in the solution development